Commercial Waste Collection Services in London

Regional Waste Recycling (Commercial) Ltd has invested heavily in its infrastructure and equipment to ensure that it can collect, process and manage waste in all its different forms and also provide national coverage. We are London's commercial waste collection specialists.

Among the collection methods available to our customers are skip hire, roll on/off containers, tankers for liquid waste, wheeled bin collection and refuse collection vehicles.

Waste collection services to suit you. RWR Commercial can pick up waste that you collect locally in skips, wheeled bins or other containers, all of which we can supply. Collection can be arranged on a one-off basis or on a regular schedule.

The range of liquid and dry waste we handle is comprehensive, including waste from fat traps and septic tanks, filter cakes and food waste. We provide specific services for certain types of industrial waste, such as waste wood, green waste, plasterboard, paper and cardboard and hazardous waste.

The waste collection services we offer:

Industrial waste collection | Commercial and office waste collection | Local authority collections | Construction waste | Earthworks collection | Asbestos removal | Confidential waste removal and recycling | Hazardous waste |  Liquid waste collection

Industrial waste collection
We provide a complete industrial waste management service, from small one-off collections to large scale regular contracts. Through our service you can be certain of meeting your legal requirement to make proper arrangements for waste management.

Commercial and office
Every business generates waste of many kinds and has a legal requirement to make proper arrangements for its management. Our aim is to help you meet this obligation, collecting waste from you in a timely way so that your employees have a clean environment.

Local authority collections
We are pleased to offer a number of services for local authorities, helping you to meet your responsibilities for waste management. Our service is flexible, giving authorities whatever resources you need, whether it's vehicle or container hire, street cleaning or recycling services.

Construction waste
For both new builds, refurbishments and demolitions, having waste collected when it should is an important part of the overall project management. So too is having as much waste as possible recycled in order to meet legislative and social obligations.

Earthworks collection
The removal of earth and general spoil from construction and demolition sites (‘muck away’) is a major component of any development project. With large quantities involved, often generated quickly, timely removal is essential.

Asbestos removal
Regional Waste Recycling is fully licensed for the collection, removal and disposal of asbestos. Whether you need to dispose of cement bonded or fibrous asbestos, we can do it in a way that ensures you meet all your obligations.

Confidential waste removal and recycling
When you have to dispose of confidential documents or electronic data storage media, careful attention to security procedures is essential. That’s what we deliver for clients in addition to the physical disposal of material.

Hazardous waste/special
Whenever you need the removal of hazardous waste (often known as ‘special waste’) from your premises we can arrange it for you. We are qualified to remove all kinds of waste, including contaminated soils, fluorescent tubes, refrigeration unit, soils, tyres, aerosols, paint, plasterboard, solvents, laboratory chemicals and much more.

Tankers for liquid waste collection
For both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste, our tanker service provides a complete collection service. Liquid waste can be collected (and in most cases recycled) from many sectors including treatment plants, oil and chemical, facilities, garages and other fuel handing sites, quarries, mines, landfill sites, sewage and drainage infrastructure and food and drink manufacturers.

In such a specialist area, our expertise is highly valued by our customers. After analysing your waste we can advise you on suitable tanker services and support you as you meet your legislative obligations.