Waste Management for London and beyond

Regional Waste Recycling (Commercial) provides waste management services to companies operating across a wide range of industries and sectors from its licensed transfer station in Stratford, London. It also takes in non hazardous liquid waste to its purpose built treatment centre.

Regional Waste Recycling's Stratford depot is also the central hub in a nationwide network of transfer stations, including operations in Newark and North Fleet and our household waste recycling centre in Gainsborough.

RWR Commercial is able to deliver a complete industrial waste management service, from small one-off collections to large scale regular contracts. We help our customers meet their legal obligations to manage their waste responsibly.

We can pick up waste that you collect locally in skips, wheeled bins or other containers, all of which we can supply. Collection can be arranged on a one-off basis or on a regular schedule.

Companies are obliged to ensure that waste is recycled as much as possible, rather than just being sent to land-fill. RWR (Commercial) can advise you how best to manage your internal waste collection and storage to meet this obligation, and of course see that your waste is recycled where this is possible.

The range of waste we handle is comprehensive, including waste from fat traps and septic tanks, filter cakes and food waste. We provide specific services for certain types of industrial waste, such as waste wood, green waste, plasterboard, paper and cardboard and hazardous waste.

We specialise in:

  •  Industrial waste collection and recycling
  •  Commercial and office waste collection and recycling
  •  Waste colection and collection for local authorities
  •  Construction waste collection and recycling/li>
  •  Earthworks collection and recycling
  •  Asbestos removal and recycling
  •  Confidential waste removal and recycling
  •  Hazardous/special waste collection and recycling