Environmental Policy

Regional Waste Recycling recognises the importance of managing its operations to ensure the safety of the environment. 

The directors of the company acknowledge the importance of effective management in maintaining a safe and healthy environment and have introduced an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001, in the knowledge that commitment to sustainability of the environment makes good business sense and should be a fundamental and integral part of the business strategy.

To ensure the company maintains these standards, procedures have been implemented to achieve the environmental objectives set out in the company's Environmental Policy, available in all of our offices. Regional Waste Recycling's management and staff will help achieve the company's aims by:

- Being aware of how our activities impact upon the environment and by seeking to minimise any adverse effects by following official practices and work instructions to ensure due diligence and the control of pollution

- Complying with our legal and statutory responsibilities and playing their part in maintaining the documented ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and striving for continuous improvement.

- Conserving the use of resources, particularly those which are scarce or non renewable, by:

  •  Avoiding waste and encouraging conservation, re-use and recycling.
  •  Encouraging the sustainable use of land based resources and certified timber and wood products, for example non-sustainable resources such as peat and tropical hardwoods.
  •  Reducing air, land and water pollution, for example toxic chemical sprays and motor exhaust emissions.

- Being sensitive and responsive to the environmental concerns of our neighbours and the communities in which we operate.

- Adopting and complying with our environmental objectives to continually improve our environmental performance and monitor progress in their achievement.

- Requiring our suppliers and contractors to have a proper regard for our Environmental Policy for the goods and services they provide for us.

- Communicating this policy to all our staff, suppliers and customers and seeking their help to implement and maintain it.

Our environmental policy is reviewed on an annual basis.